Contrary to what you may currently believe, you may not know how to learn. Let’s try not to confuse the process we oftentimes default to using which is memorization of information mostly for testing in an institution or school. By taking the time to acknowledge your process, decide how you get where you’re going and develop which learning process works best when you are growing skills.

What is AG Financial  Methodology?

A way to cultivate a relationship with the currencies you already possess, learn more ways to access more money using inner work and outer actions, and making your money work harder than you.  

AG SEED Initiative

Start-Early Entrepreneurship Development

Our vision is to build a community that offers experiences, mentorships, and coaching to young adults and parents desiring to approach business building early and autonomously.

The goal is to make this a relatable and feasible reality for more black and brown children and young adults.  Through our AG SEED Initiative, we will offer tools for entrepreneurship, international travel, and studies for and by our young people of color.

Learning to Learn Autonomously

All of our tools and learning spaces encourage individuals to build streams of income revolving around their interests. We strive to keep our applications simple as we help you create financial stability and growth with and for our young people.

How Would You Like To Do It?

We focus on help our youngsters convert their gifts and talents into business models as well as resources for our community. Using the skills they already possess or are willing to develop, our community helps breathe life into visions of doing what you enjoy.