AG Financial Wellness Online Course

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This course will help reshape YOU by facilitating your personal commitment to growing your knowledge and changing your thoughts, communication, and actions focused around the financial freedom and growth you desire. We’ve also reserve time and space to converse about where you are getting stuck with our Live Q&A webinars.
Forbes magazine states, the average millionaire has 7 streams of income.
So why do most people only have one source of income?
Mostly, because we were never taught HOW to create multiple sources of income on our own or monetize our abilities. From elementary on up, the ineffective teachings of a broken system has left us (and our kids) disinterested and without the proper tools to tackle life’s financial challenges. But it’s never too late to start cleaning up our act (financially) and build multiple streams of income.
Multiple streams of income is a must!
You too can learn and apply the easy to follow lessons I share in this course.
Come start that business idea you’ve had for quite some time, establish positive cash flow early as an entrepreneur, learn to create multiple sources of income and so much more. I know better than most, how challenging it can be to start and take that first step. All the questions you might have, “Am I ready?”, “Is this a good business idea? “, “What is the step by step process to getting the ball rolling?”, “What direction should I go in first?”
Check out the Grown Woman Moves course. Well rounded, designed, and tested to answer the most commonly asked questions and challenges when it comes to financial freedom and growth. We deep dive and show how it applies to you and your business.
*GWM Book, Working Guidebook, Kit, backpack, and 6-Month Financial Planner*