Demilitarized Veteran Retreat (Jamaica)

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Retreat Dates: June 12- 15, 2020

INCLUDED IN YOUR EXPERIENCE (Price includes lodging, activities, and all meals, snacks, and drinks)

*Wholeness Cleanse (Reshape Everything from What You Eat to How You Think)

  • Let’s flush-out all those unwanted beliefs, fears, and strong-hold by identifying their roots and emotional ties. As much as we think we know about ourselves is only as much as we have been taught by others and our experiences.

*Relaxation of the Mind

  • Plan to unplug on this weekend to heal from your military experiences and mindsets. Give yourself a break from the lives of others and your day-to-day stresses. Set up a way for emergency contacts to reach you and give yourself permission to get comfortable.

*Intentional Communication

  • The power to communicate your intentions as you intended is a skill we barely get a chance to practice on. In a safe environment with other veterans, let's create a support circle that lends space for that practice. Let's practice expressing our values, perspectives, and beliefs in ways that you'd like to be received.

*Yoga & Meditation (Experience A Different Yoga Practice and Learning Style)

  • Veronica Ashley-Reid creator of Purposed Yoga’s will spend time with each participant customizing yoga routines and group session to help deepen our inner and outer body connection. She will address lifestyle-related daily health concerns with movement and meditation alternative. The yoga program is appropriate for all levels. Truly, everyone is welcome from the total beginner to the seasoned yogi.

*Purposeful Eating and Drinking

  • Yes!! All of your meals are included in the price for the retreat. Learn the health benefits of trying healthier options into your food, drinks, and everyday products. We will be featuring products from local vendor and restaurants!

*Individual Head-to-Toe Stress Relief

  • Self-care is not selfish, it's smart! During your time, you'll enjoy an intimate one-on-one with a licensed massage therapist. It's important to explore self-care options that fit our unique lives, it can be hard to fit in the things that simply feel good. It's time to be smart!

PLUS Transportation to and from nearest airport!

Feasible Payment Plan Available

Totally cost $1150

Our retreats have limited space – 9 people tops. So take advantage and indulge in some individualized me-time activities and yoga practice. Registration open now thru September 1st (All-Deposit are Non-Refundable and Payments are Only Transferable).